Small Houses = Big Market?

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
June 8th, 2009

During the last two weeks I met with two different Japanese companies that perhaps by coincidence were looking for the same thing, small packaged homes from Canada. While one company was a building products importer and the other an import housing builder, both were confident that there is a new market in Japan for stylish homes of about 600ft2.

They see a market for such homes in rural/ resort areas where older couples might want to build retirement homes. Another possibility would be that the children from the countryside would move back into the family home and the parents would build a new small house on the same property. In either case, since the couple would be living on their own, the house would only need to have one bedroom, but the home would have to be appealing from a design and layout perspective. Basically something different than what is already available in Japan.

I then remembered that a few months ago an architectural firm working with a developer was looking for something very similar for a development overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I don't know if this makes it a trend or not, but there might be big opportunities here for small Canadian packaged homes.
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