Interior Lifestyle 2009 at Tokyo Big Sight

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
June 8th, 2009

FrenchPav GermanPav Last week I walked Interior Lifestyle 2009 to see if there would be any merit in BC Wood taking space at the show in the future. Hmmm.

I remember there being a lot more furniture at this show in the past. This year it was basically all "zakka" (household items/ nick-knacks). Even the very impressive foreign presence focused on zakka. Mind you the French also had a convertible Peugeot on display which was a bit odd. What does a car have to do with "Interior Lifestyle?" The interior of a garage? It was a nice car though.

OutdoorTable FurnitureSec The one section of the show that did focus on furniture was well done though. The show producer built walls around the support columns in one hall to create a real showroom feel. Usually the columns are just in the way, so this was a really good approach to take. The cafe/ bar in the centre on this area was furnished with many different pieces which again added to the atmosphere. It was just too bad that this section was so small.

By visiting the show I realized that our decision to continue exhibiting Canadian furniture at 100% Design Tokyo was indeed the correct one. Interior Lifestyle would probably be a great show to take Canadian zakka, and in fact Umbra of Toronto was well represented there. Maybe we just need to get members to make some toilet brushes out of beetle killed wood!
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