Ready, Set, GBM!

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
May 18th, 2009

While the GBM is still four months away, we are now in full swing recruiting Japanese clients for this year's trip. We started today by sending out a special edition of our Japanese e-Newsletter to over 3800 clients in our database and will have this followed-up tomorrow with a press release in the Nikkan Mokuzai, Japan's leading wood products newspaper.

I am also going on the road from tomorrow to talk to clients in Sapporo about the GBM. On Wednesday we will hold an information session at the Canadian Trade Office in Sapporo to talk to a group of interested people. We always get a strong group from Hokkaido at the GBM and I hope it will be the same this year.

My big concern as we start our marketing activities for this year's GBM is how much of an impact the swine flu is going to have on our efforts to get clients to visit Canada. Unfortunately Canada was the first country to "export" swine flu to Japan so there has been extensive coverage of the outbreak in Canada. You can be sure that the media is going to go overboard with the story now that the swine flu is spreading in Japan. Hopefully things will settle down here soon as they seem to have in Canada.

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