Great Commercials

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
May 1st, 2009

A recent BC Business magazine article listed the top 10 game changing commercials of all time. I enjoyed this trip down memory lane and thinking about how these ads impacted the way we talked with friends and thought about products. To see the list, click on the link below.

After looking at the list I was wondering why the Life Cereal "Heh Mikey, he likes it!" was left off. I think that ad ran for like 20 years! Who doesn't remember Mikey?

There are also two other commercials that I would add to my own top 10 list. The first is the Swatch "Zipper" ad that was running on CNN in Japan when I first got here in 1996. For the time, it was quite a racy ad that always made me stop what I was doing and watch. I also really liked how the ad ties the raciness into the time theme. "Time's expired!"

As for Japanese commercials, my all time favourite is the Shiseido ad from 1997 that uses the song Fireball by the Japanese hard rock group  B'z. It was such a change from the pretty and cutesy ads that are the norm for cosmetics in Japan. It is also just fun to watch beautiful women scream and meow in an ad!

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