Day 1 @ Nikkei 2009

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
March 4th, 2009

Nikkei 1
Nikkei 2
With all of the bad economic news flying
around these days, it was natural to come into the 2009 Nikkei Architecture and
Construction Materials Show a bit worried. The unseasonably bitter cold weather
we had for set-up also helped create fears of a “big chill” around the show.


Luckily Day 1 turned out to be a lot better
than we could have hoped for. The official attendance for the days was just
over 40,000 compared to 46,000 last year. This is very good considering the
terrible weather and threat of snow. If the numbers hold for the rest of the
week, then we should be able to match last year’s attendance of 260,000.


More importantly, there was a steady stream
of the clients coming by that BC Wood invited to meet with members at the show.
Many had serious discussions with members and new business partnerships have
already been formed. Hearing that kind of positive feedback from members is
best news I have had in a long time. Let’s hope we can keep up this momentum
for the rest of the week!

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