Best Booth at Nikkei 2009

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
March 12th, 2009

While it is my job to pump up the Canadian
presence at shows in Japan, I also have to give credit to other exhibitors when
they do a good job. 

Japanese companies typically put a lot
effort and money into their booths at major shows like Nikkei. The sheer size
of an exhibit is usually the most apparent indicator of a company’s strength
and commitment. However, as one exhibitor showed us this year, great things can
come in small packages too.

A Japanese tile manufacturer/distributor
took only two booths at this year’s show, but used a cake shop theme to make
themselves standout from all of the other tile companies at the show. At first
glance, their booth looks like a chocolate display which stopped most
passers-by. Curiosity then leads most into the booth to find out what the cake
shop is all about. 

at all of the “delicious cakes” really piques your curiosity about what this
exhibitor is trying to sell. An overwhelming “wow” then hits you when told that
all of those “cakes” are actually made of their tile products. That is why this
booth gets my vote as the best exhibit at Nikkei 2009.

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