Back to Reality

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
January 5th, 2009

While most Japanese make the most of the New Year's holidays by traveling or going back to their hometowns, I enjoy staying in Tokyo because it is the one time of year the city is quite. Really quite. It is amazing that a city of 34 million people can feel almost deserted.

For example, I came in to the office last week while the country was off on holidays and our normally bustling street  was so quite I could have taken a nap in the middle of it. Even the Starbucks was closed! What's wrong with these people???

Well, today it was back to work and the pusing and shoving on the train was like a big Happy New Year from all of the people coming back to the city. Except for the Starbucks being closed, I liked it better last week.

By Jim Ivanoff

BC Wood Japan Office

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